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We are the "ExtremeShortSale Network"

Our home base is near Los Angeles, CA and our network of professionals extends throughout California and the entire United States.

The Network

Our network of short sale experts begins with the Gregory Real Estate Group. Over the years we have developed a large network of Certified Distressed Property Experts, Brokers, and Realtors located throughout the USA. We personally check each network member shares our mission of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and has the qualifications needed to handle those difficult and complex short sale transactions.

We verify each member is a professional Certified Distressed Property Expert or short sale expert. Each agent is fully licensed and has acquired specific short sale experience. Each agent must meet our minimum distressed property ongoing training requirements and have a verifiable record of successfully closed short sale transactions.

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Gregory Real Estate Group - Brokers and Certified Distressed Property Experts

Distressed property transactions, specifically short sale transactions, present many challenges for agents and the clients they represent. Some realtors may not have the experience, track record and special training needed to provide their clients the best possible chance of short sale success. This is not intended in any way to be negative toward other agents. It’s just simply a fact that some agents are more focused on short sale type transactions, than others. We’re not all equal!

It’s also true that many agents purposely avoid short sale transactions, and we don’t blame them! With short sales, agents usually make less money and it takes longer to get their money! However, when an agent avoids difficult transactions, it’s the client who may suffer. This is where we can be of service!

No matter where you live, contact us at 661-347-6955. If you’re out of our specific service area, we’ll immediately tap into our ExtremeShortSale nationwide network and find a Certified Distressed Property Expert, specially trained and experienced with short sales, just for you.


About Our Organization

Our Vision

Helping homeowner's avoid foreclosure and walk away with a FRESH start.

Our Mission

Provide clients with accurate and reliable advice, enabling them to make accurate and informed decisions.


Our business is based 100% on our reputation. Many of our clients are either referred to us by friends or past clients.

Short Sale Experts

Matt Gregory

Matt Gregory

FOUNDER / Certified Distressed Property Expert
Matt is a true expert with distressed properties of all types and leads our network.
Meray Gregory

Meray Gregory

CO FOUNDER & Short Sale Transaction Expert
Meray works with Matt to insure all transactions are properly managed, efficiently and as quickly as possible.
Pete Gregory

Pete Gregory

Internet Sales & Technology
Once we list a short sale, Pete markets the listing throughout the internet.
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