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Struggling with Your Mortgage?

If you're struggling with your mortgage or facing foreclosure, we can help by providing you with accurate information, viable options, solutions, and if necessary, expert short sale representation. Although we often recommend short selling your home, sometimes it makes sense to save it. Either way, this is exactly where you'll find the answers you need to end your struggles and head towards a FRESH START.

Have You Received a NOTICE OF DEFAULT?

If you are behind on your mortgage and have received a NOD, the lender can foreclose, forcing the sale of your home to pay for the outstanding loan. Although there are legal timelines associated with any foreclosure, if a notice of default has been filed, it's critical to be proactive and TAKE QUICK ACTION!

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Options and Solutions to Foreclosure

If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure, it's critical to quickly determine your options and take ACTION! Regardless of the solution, the more quickly the response, the better the chance of success.

As opposed to foreclosure, short selling the home is usually the best solution, but there are other options that might enable saving the home as well. Either way, if you are facing foreclosure it's necessary to take action, quickly and efficiently.

At ExtremeShortSale, we help homeowners in Santa Clarita and all of California avoid foreclosure by identifying the correct course of action to fit current circumstances. Then, if needed, we will short sale your home.

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Is it Possible to Save Your Home?

If facing foreclosure, sometimes it is possible to save your home by obtaining a loan modification from your lender. Although we only advise this option in very few instances, in the vast majority of cases, this is NOT a viable option. In fact, over 67% of homeowners obtaining loan modifications end up defaulting within one year.

In fact, a loan modification USUALLY benefits the lender more than the homeowner and the sad reality is, the lender is fully aware of this!


Determine if a Loan Mod is Right for You

If your financial struggles are as a result of TEMPORARY financial setbacks, perhaps job loss or medical problems, a loan modification might be a viable solution. Keep in mind, this is ONLY feasible IF you are now earning regular income that is equal to, or greater than your income BEFORE the setbacks occurred.


Avoid Foreclosure by Short Selling

A short sale is likely your BEST option, but this type of transaction is never easy and requires a trained group of professionals for your BEST chance of success. We are specially trained, experienced Realtors® AND Certified Distressed Property Experts with a long standing history of successful short sale transactions and advising homeowners on how to avoid foreclosure. 

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Short Sale Your Home

Based on our years of experience, we have learned the BEST possible way to avoid foreclosure is USUALLY by short selling your home. We have a long and successful history of closing these difficult and complex transactions.

Learn more about short sales by contacting the experts at ExtremeShortSale.

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  • How do you qualify for a short sale?
  • Getting Started
  • What is a short sale package and what documents are needed?
  • How long does a short sale take?
  • What common roadblocks should be expected?
  • Is financial assistance available to help homeowners relocation costs?
  • Find answers to all your questions.

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  • Residential Property Owners in CA

    We primarily work the SoCal area, however our ExtremeShortSale network extends throughout California, and the entire United States. It makes no difference if you need to short sale your primary residence or an investment property, we are here to help. Keep in mind though, if you are planning on short selling your home, it's important to contact us ASAP or it might be too late.

  • Friends and Clients

    We have been helping our friends and clients buy and sell real estate for years but we are especially interested in helping everyone avoid foreclosure by short selling their home.

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Foreclosure Crisis Over?

Thankfully, the foreclosure crisis ended years ago, but there will always be homeowners having financial struggles for reasons beyond their control and facing foreclosure. We can help.

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