About Extreme Short Sale

Extreme Short Sale is primarily focused on short sales and providing information or services to help struggling homeowners explore their options and find solutions to avoid foreclosure. Years ago we discovered local consumers needed accurate and current information about short sales, and that is still true today. The questions about short sales are endless and the answers to those questions are constantly changing. That’s because laws change, tax requirements change, and the real estate market is always changing.¬†Additionally, the financial difficulties associated with facing foreclosure can be quite stressful, so it’s important to homeowners to know they have somewhere to turn for help, they are not alone, and they do have options. It’s likely there are some solutions available our homeowners are unaware of, and that’s where we can really help!

Certified Distressed Property Expert Help Available
Should you or someone you know have any short sale, foreclosure or real estate related questions, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Gregory directly. We offer no pressure informational consultations at absolutely no cost and no obligation. You may contact Matt Gregory at at 661-713-4799.

My name is Matt Gregory and I operate the Gregory Real estate Group from within our brokerage, iRealty Valencia. We are extremely passionate about helping homeowners discover options and find solutions to avoid foreclosure. Throughout the years my team and I have been fortunate to represent many friends and clients to discover viable solutions to foreclosure, or successfully short sale their homes. We handle short sale and all types of real estate transactions throughout the region of Southern California and Santa Clarita Valley.

In order to provide the high level of services consumers need when facing foreclosure, we utilize the services of our highly qualified team of professionals. We are all experienced professionals, and know exactly how to achieve success with these difficult and complex transactions. We are always ready to help new customers, and encourage homeowners facing foreclosure to contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we get started, the higher your chances of avoiding foreclosure.
Your consideration of our services is sincerely appreciated! Contact us today! 661-713-4799 or [email protected].