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Santa Clarita Short Sale Home Buyers Discover Shortage

Prospective home buyers in Santa Clarita Valley currently searching for that great short sale or foreclosure deal, will likely be be disappointed to discover there’s not much available right now. As of the end of January, 2014 there are a total of about 521 homes for sale in Santa Clarita, and only 44 of those homes are short sale, or pre-foreclosures. Additionally, there are only 2 foreclosures and 9 bank owned properties on the market. Most of the homes available for sale in Santa Clarita Valley are considered to be of the standard sale variety, and home buyer competition for the good deals might be fierce! That’s simply because the inventory of homes for sale in Santa Clarita, though improved, remains low. See current short sale listings available in Valencia right now!

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Where does this leave those prospective home buyers wanting that great deal? It’s not like a few years back when nearly 50% of the market was either a short sale or foreclosure. Back then, there were plenty of homes to choose from, but this is no longer true and isn’t going to change anytime in the near future. As with most Southern California real estate markets, Santa Clarita is no different. The market continues to shift, and those buyers that are best prepared and react quickly to these shifts, are usually the ones who win!

Santa Clarita short sale shoppers must remember, even though short sales and foreclosures total less than 10% of the real estate market, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing available. It only means buyers have less to choose from. It’s extremely important home buyers keep a close eye on any new short sale or foreclosures coming on the market, and be prepared to take action as quickly as possible! Make sure you have an Santa Clarita real estate agent that responds quickly and continues to keep you informed on new deals as they come on the market. If it’s a short sale or foreclosure you’re after, it’s also critical your agent is a certified distressed property expert and has a long track record of successfully closing these sometimes difficult and complex transactions.

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Home Buyer Short Sale Tips

Welcome to and the Gregory Real Estate Group! Today, we continue our “Home Buyer Tips” series with two good tips about buying a pre-foreclosure real estate property, also known as a short sale. Take a look at the video and read below to learn more!



Tip #1 – Pre-qualify The Listing In Advance!

First of all, it’s critical you select a real estate agent that has a successful track record and is specifically trained in Short Sale transactions. If you’re agent is experienced and knowledgeable about short sales, he or she will pre-qualify the short sale listing, before the potential buyer makes an offer. An experienced short sale real estate agent, such as Matt Gregory, knows what to look for and the questions to ask. This will save the buyer time by eliminating the short sale listings that are likely to be near impossible or difficult to close.  


Tip #2 – PATIENCE!

The one common denominator with all short sale transactions is, they take time! Once an offer is made on a short sale property, the buyer must be willing to wait. Most short sale transactions take five or six months, but it could take two months to two years to finalize a short sale. The amount of time depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, how many loans are involved, the lenders short sale policies, the current number of short sales the lender is handling, and the list goes on. Again, you’re experienced real estate agent should be able to tell you which short sale listings will move faster than others.


If you’re struggling with your mortgage and looking for a solution, you’ve landed in the right place. Matt Gregory and his Gregory Real Estate Group have helped many friends and clients protect their financial future and move on with their lives. It’s always best for the struggling homeowner to take control of their situation and short sale their property. With a foreclosure, the lender is in control! We can help and we want to help! Contact Matt today! 661-713-4799 or 661-290-3735.


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