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Matt Gregory offers short sale solutions for homeowners throughout the state of California as well as Santa Clarita. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties and considering a short sale, it’s important to get moving on a solution very quickly. Be advised, we’re now becoming very concerned that Congress will NOT extend the Mortgage Debt Relief Act to continue into 2014. This act started around 2007 and was due to expire at the end of 2012. At the very last minute, congress passed & continued the extension through the end of 2013. Well, here we are about half way through the year and there are still many California homeowners that have no idea how much money this could potentially cost them later. In a nut shell, After 2013, when a homeowner short sales a home, they will be responsible to pay taxes on the difference between the amount owed on the original loan, and the amount the lender accepted on the short sale. For example, if the amount owed on the original loan is $300,000, and the lender accepted $225,000 on the short sale transaction, the homeowner would be required to pay taxes on the $75,000 difference.  To learn more about this Mortgage Debt Relief Act, please visit our post from earlier this year

Locally, the Santa Clarita real estate market is changing, but there are still some local SCV homeowners struggling with their mortgage. Some have already obtained a loan modification but still find themselves financially strapped. Remember, there is a solution, so if this sounds like you, be sure to contact Certified Distressed Property Expert Matt Gregory. Matt has helped many SCV homeowners short sale their homes, and some have even walked away with some extra cash! If you’re a homeowner, and finally ready to throw in the towel, it’s really worth it to short sale your home as opposed to allowing a foreclosure to occur. It’s even possible to stay in your home until the deal closes, and we can usually negotiate with your lender to extend the foreclosure! Interested? If so, contact Matt today by filling out the form on the next page. Matt will contact you to schedule a discrete consultation. It costs absolutely nothing and it’s certainly worth it to discover out your options and find a solution.