Santa Clarita Short Sale Myth Number 5

Certified Distressed Property Expert Matt Gregory

Certified Distressed Property Expert Matt Gregory

Today we continue our Santa Clarita Short Sale MYTH series with Santa Clarita Short Sale Myth Number Five!  Our team here at Extreme Short Sale is lead by iRealty Broker and Realtor, Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent Matt Gregory. Matt is also a Certified Distressed Property Expert and highly experienced in short sales, especially in the Greater Los Angeles areas. Take a look at the video and read below to find out more.

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Santa Clarita Short Sale Myth #5
The bank would rather foreclose than cooperate with my short sale.

This is absolutely FALSE! This is one of the top misunderstandings of homeowners that are facing foreclosure. So many homeowners don’t even bother with a short sale because of this misconception. The truth is that banks do not want to foreclose on your home because the process is very costly. Banks tend to make more money through a short sale than a foreclosure and with less problems. A homeowner that is trying to complete a short sale usually is still caring for the home and maintaining the home. When a bank forecloses on a homeowner, the homeowner tends to be angry and can often damage the home and make it tougher to sell for the bank. So these are the reasons why your bank does want to work with you on a short sale.

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