Free Report Reveals 10 Viable Alternatives to Foreclosure

Free-Report-Foreclosure-with-800#For those homeowners struggling with their mortgage, there are still real and viable alternatives to foreclosure. It doesn’t matter if you live in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, or anywhere, it’s all the same.  In these harsh times, having options is what keep you afloat. For those staring down possible foreclosure, there are numerous life-savers to cling to – better and smarter choices. The bottom line is…there are tools to help you avoid foreclosure (a.k.a. the literal ruination of personal finances).

And let’s be perfectly clear…beyond costing you your home, foreclosure will ravage your credit score, making it impossible to land a reasonable mortgage rate in the near future. It even makes it harder to convince landlords to rent to you. Not good!

But…let’s take a deep breath of relief. Why? Because you can sidestep foreclosure – and possibly even stay in your home – even if you are already late on your mortgage payments. How?

here are 10 real viable alternatives to foreclosure that you need to know . . .

Depending on your circumstances, some are a better fit for you than others. But ALL are better than stumbling into foreclosure – something your lender wants to avoid as well. Also, it’s possible your lender is not even aware of some of these plans or alternatives.

At the Gregory Real Estate Group we are Certified Distressed Property Experts and have helped many homeowners to avoid foreclosure. It’s not a one size fits all solution so it’s important to first learn which situation fits your specific situation. Certain situations might require a loan modification and another might result is a short sale solution. Before offering any specific advice we believe it’s best to first help homeowners learn of  10 real viable alternatives. As a result, we are offering a free consumer report containing 10 viable alternatives to foreclosure. To receive your FREE CONSUMER REPORT you only need to call our 24 hour recorded message at 1-800-215-5542, ext 2003, or Complete the Form Here!

New Approval Requirements for SCV Short Sales – Fannie May

As of August 1st, 2013, SCV Short Sale properties must be listed in the MLS before submitting for Fannie May andVisit us our Gregory Real Estate Group on Facebook Freddie Mac approval consideration. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently announced changes to their Standard Short Sale and HAFA guidelines that will require GSE approval. Beginning August 1, 2013 any Fannie May or Freddie Mac applicable property in Santa Clarita (or anywhere for that matter) being considered for short sale approval must be listed in the multiple listing service (MLS) for five consecutive days, including one weekend, prior to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac approving a short sale offer. Here’s a copy of the announcement. Fannie May Servicing Announcement. Should you need any help with your Santa Clarita short sale we can help. Contact Certified Distressed Property Expert Matt Gregory at 661-713-4799. Here’ is a video for more information about short sales.

Listing a short sale property in the MLS is no longer an option if the homeowner has a Fannie May or Freddie Mac type loan. This is probably not an issue if the homeowner has listed their home through a real estate agent and  their  broker and because most properties. With this new requirement, don’t even think about submitting an offer to the servicer for approval unless the agent has followed the guidelines as set forth in this announcement.

The exact requirement reads like this: The property must be listed on the applicable MLS which covers the geographic area in which the property is located and a printed copy of the property’s MLS listing must be kept on file. If a property is located in an area that is not covered by an MLS, the property must be advertised in a manner customary for that real estate market for at least five consecutive calendar days, including one weekend.

If your home is in Santa Clarita and you’re considering a short sale, we suggest you pass this information on to your real estate agent to make sure they are aware of the new requirement. It’s likely not a problem, but it’s just one more task your agent must perform while negotiating the approval of a short sale offer.

For more information please refer to the Fannie Mae servicing guide announcement here. Fannie May Servicing Announcement

Santa Clarita Short Sale Solutions for Homeowners | Matt Gregory

Contact Short Sale Specialist Matt Gregory at 661-347-6955.

Matt Gregory offers short sale solutions for homeowners throughout the state of California as well as Santa Clarita. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties and considering a short sale, it’s important to get moving on a solution very quickly. Be advised, we’re now becoming very concerned that Congress will NOT extend the Mortgage Debt Relief Act to continue into 2014. This act started around 2007 and was due to expire at the end of 2012. At the very last minute, congress passed & continued the extension through the end of 2013. Well, here we are about half way through the year and there are still many California homeowners that have no idea how much money this could potentially cost them later. In a nut shell, After 2013, when a homeowner short sales a home, they will be responsible to pay taxes on the difference between the amount owed on the original loan, and the amount the lender accepted on the short sale. For example, if the amount owed on the original loan is $300,000, and the lender accepted $225,000 on the short sale transaction, the homeowner would be required to pay taxes on the $75,000 difference.  To learn more about this Mortgage Debt Relief Act, please visit our post from earlier this year

Locally, the Santa Clarita real estate market is changing, but there are still some local SCV homeowners struggling with their mortgage. Some have already obtained a loan modification but still find themselves financially strapped. Remember, there is a solution, so if this sounds like you, be sure to contact Certified Distressed Property Expert Matt Gregory. Matt has helped many SCV homeowners short sale their homes, and some have even walked away with some extra cash! If you’re a homeowner, and finally ready to throw in the towel, it’s really worth it to short sale your home as opposed to allowing a foreclosure to occur. It’s even possible to stay in your home until the deal closes, and we can usually negotiate with your lender to extend the foreclosure! Interested? If so, contact Matt today by filling out the form on the next page. Matt will contact you to schedule a discrete consultation. It costs absolutely nothing and it’s certainly worth it to discover out your options and find a solution.

Cutting Edge Solutions | Avoid Foreclosure | Santa Clarita, CA

Matt Gregory is a top Keller Williams real estate agent and short sale expert! Matt has helped many Santa Clarita, CA and Los Angeles homeowners avoid foreclosure and short sale their homes. If you’re struggling with your mortgage and would like a new start, contact Matt Gregory today. 661-713-4799 or [email protected] Homeowners have more options and solutions than they are aware! Read below and watch this outstanding video below to learn more:


If you’re a Santa Clarita or Los Angeles area homeowner with financial difficulties, and your home is at risk, it’s critical you contact Certified Distressed Property Expert, Matt Gregory. The earlier the short sale process is started the better the chance of success. Once you contact Matt, he’ll develop cutting edge strategies and a plan of attack, specifically customized for your situation. He’ll immediately implement his proven methods and put them to work, just for you, the homeowner!


It costs the homeowner nothing to short sale their home. Matt will be paid by the lender and it costs the homeowner nothing! In many cases, Matt has even been able to negotiate $3,000. or more in cash back to the homeowner. It’s time to face your financial truth and take action! Don’t allow yourself to think it’s not possible! Don’t think let yourself think it won’t work for you! It can and will, work for you. Give yourself a break and contact Matt today.


Matt is a Certified Distressed Property Expert and utilizes cutting edge solutions for those facing financial crisis.


[email protected]

Holidays | Perfect Time To Buy SCV Homes | Learn Why

Expert Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent, Matt Gregory tells why the holidays are a great time to buy a home in Santa Clarita, CA. Matt is a Certified Distressed Property Expert and active SCV real estate agent. Lending expert Keith Renno also explains the timing as it relates to home loans. Contact Matt at 661-713-4799. Take a look at the video and read below to learn more:

Here are three good reasons to buy a Santa Clarita Valley home during the holidays:

  1. Many people currently in the market for buying a home are putting their plans on hold because they’re busy or traveling during the holiday season. Real Estate Agent Matt Gregory explains, while they’re busy, it’s a great time to get a good deal that might not otherwise be aailable after the holidays. There’s less competition in the Santa Clarita real estate market and that will benefit holiday home buyers
  2. Home are on the market for a reason! Since it is the holidays, sellers may be much more motivated to complete their sale now! Many people are having financial difficulties and need to sell quickly. Also, they’re still many stuck in short sale situations and must get an offer in to their lenders, quickly!
  3. As Keith Renno of Pacific Funding explains in the video, interest rates continue to stay very low right now. For those that qualify, FHA loans can be obtained for as low as 4%, or even less!

Happy Holidays and please contact Matt today at 661-713-4799