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See 10 Distressed Properties Listings Now!
If searching for distressed properties currently on the market, we have a wonderful consumer resource. It’s always current and searchers have the ability to customize their search to reflect personalized and specific search criteria! This is an advanced tool and free online service that allows prospective distressed property home buyers to set up home searches in a specific manner. Searches are based on personalized criteria that can be adjusted as needed, without speaking to a salesperson! Search online 24/7! No Pressure! No Stress! No hassles! Again, it’s absolutely FREE! This account is more advanced than other online because because users immediately know if the home they are interested in is an active listing. Most potential home buyers just do what we all do when searching for information in the Internet. They “goggle it”. The problem with that is, most of the homes appearing in the search results are old inactive listings! Sometimes the homes found might not even be for sale! Save time and money today!

Short Video with Instructions on how to get your FREE Access to the MLS